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Our multi-stage processes ensure quality finishes

Our pre-treatment departments use the latest multi-stage chemical technology to clean and prepare components to ensure that products have optimum adhesion and corrosion protection properties.

We can offer de-greasing, chromate conversion coating, zinc phosphate coating and alodine pre treatments.

Circuit coatings can supply a full range of BS and RAL colours to aesthetically enhance and protect your product.

These can be applied on Epoxy, Epoxy- Polyester or Polyester powders according to need and the end environment the product will be used in.

If required we can supply electrophoretic plating (EP) either on its own or as a base coat to improve corrosion resistance.

This is done through our partner company, Matts and Jenkins, based locally in Birmingham.

We also have a small wet paint department at our Walsall factory.